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Here to Transform Your Living Space

dOCs Interior is an interior design company which help to bring to life stylish yet budget-conscious interior environments. Everything is done to create the perfect space for you.

We have been creating inspiring environments for locals and expatriates in Penang since 2000. Our projects include residences, offices, factories, retail showrooms and property space planning.

Our exemplary customer service, both during sales and after sales, is characterized by professionalism and speedy response. Over time, we have established strong relationships with our clients, who include local residents, business owners, multi-national companies, expatriates and developers.


  • Space for business, public and working space.

  • Organized design based on branding, workplace culture and how the space contact with public.

  • Space custom made for office, hospitality, facilities, retail & store.  

One Tanjung - Living

  • Space for home, relax and living space.

  • Designed based on personal, culture and lifestyle you prefer.

  • Space custom made for landed property and high rise building